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Best Kitchen Remodeling Services in Mint Hill NC
Kitchen Remodeling Services in Mint Hill NC
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Best Kitchen Remodeling Services in Mint Hill NC

Meachum Renovations LLC is a local remodeling firm providing the best kitchen remodeling services in Mint Hill NC, to the homeowners who want to earn the benefits of working with a professional remodeling contractor. Our company employs a dedicated team of remodelers who are also experienced and know what they have to do to fulfill the needs of our customers. They can provide you with tons of remodeling ideas by listening to your vision. So, if you want to get your unique needs fulfilled, request our professional kitchen remodeling services in Mint Hill NC.

Our Mission

We want to build our reputation of professionalism and integrity by providing professional kitchen remodeling services in Mint Hill NC.

Our Vision

We wish to be recognized as the most sought-after remodeling company offering kitchen remodeling services in Mint Hill, NC.

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Whether you want to increase the comfort of your kitchen or add extra sitting space inside it, hire our best kitchen remodeling services in Mint Hill NC, and pull off your remodeling goals with us.

Get your bathroom remodeled by our experts if you want to enjoy an ultimate incentive while selling your home. They will ensure to update your bathroom and enhance its appeal to homebuyers.
If your family has outgrown your existing home and you are planning to move, we suggest adding another room to your house as it is more convenient than moving to a new place.
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In most cases, the ROI is 59% which means a homeowner can get more than half of the money back that he spent on remodeling their bathrooms.
It solely depends on the scope of remodeling you opt for. If you are planning to change the whole atmosphere of your bathroom, it will take longer than only changing cabinets or water fixtures.
Whenever you are going to start your bathroom remodeling project, be careful about two things. One is to choose a professional remodeler, and the second is to create a thoughtful and thorough design plan.
It depends on the scope of remodeling that you want to carry out. For example, if you want to remove a wall and rebuild it, it will take more time than replacing a countertop in your kitchen.
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Our professionals hold extensive experience in working and remodeling different sorts of spaces. We have been providing remodeling services for almost 20 years and are committed to doing so for the rest of our lives.


The main motive behind the foundation of our company was to serve people with ultimate quality remodeling services. We are devoted to providing accessibility to our customers through quality craftsmanship.
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Meachum Renovations LLC is the most experienced and reputable remodeling firm, providing kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling
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